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Leadership Advancement Scholarship Promotional Video

A rotoscope example from the promotional video intro

As a sophomore in college, I was one of the co-chairs of the marketing and publicity committee for the Leader Advancement Scholarship. This is basically a committee of twenty students that are charged with the on campus promotion of the Leadership Institute at CMU. The committee is also in charge of "LEAD Week" a week full of activities that promote leadership on campus. One of the primary goals of this committee since its inception in 1998 had been to produce a promotional video for the scholarship. Due to the terms of officers in the committee and lack of specialization, no one had been in office long enough to produce a video when I became a chair in 2004. Due to my prior experience with video editing and moderate education in shooting, I took the lead on the project and finished it by the summer 2005.

After Effects

Another example of rotoscoping
I did quite a bit of advanced work for the intro of the video. It encompasses a lot of masks and rotoscoping. I also made custom titles using several layers within after effects that are used throughout the video.

One to Two Person Interviews

A Charles Palen One Person Interview
A Charles Palen One Person Interview Outside
A Charles Palen Two Person Interview
Thanks to the help of the Dvinfo forums and Walter Graff's great lighting tutorials that he has on line I am confident in staying that I think I really got pretty good at doing a one to two person interview. I used the strategy of scouting the location, taking pictures, then drawing up a light diagram for the day of the shoot. I also made a custom extension cable out of really heavy gage wire as well as a 1200 watt dimmer. I also learned a few tricks about how to ask the right questions to the people being interviewed so that their responses add to the video.

How is the Video Used?

A Charles Palen Interview Setup Outside
A Charles Palen Two Person Interview Setup
To my knowledge, the video is always used annually when a new group of students are brought into the Leadership Advancement Scholarship. I think it is also used on a more sporadic schedule when the need of it arises. Thanks to the work I did on this video and in the committee, I was asked to be a part of the scholarship advisory board as a senior. In this role I was a mentor for the new chairs of the Lead Week committee and also worked with a core group to enact significant changes within the scholarship protocol that is still in effect today.


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