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There currently is no messenger. Manually, you can contact me via:
AIM: TecGumbo

Google Talk: palen1c at

Twitter: @Technogumbo

My Name is Charles Palen - Thanks For Checking This Out

An Image of Charles Palen.
First off; thanks for checking this site out. Technogumbo is in its third complete version using this layout and architecture. I created this site and the programming behind it to be optimized towards search engine optimization best practices.

I have learned so much from the Internet during my lifetime that I hope I can use this site to give something back. I try to provide helpful insight on this site as well as elaborate on my current projects and research interests.

I currently spend the majority of my spare time on programming design patterns and industrial design. I have been fortunate enough to start a business called Transcending Digital that currently focuses on programming for kiosks and other fun things in the museum industry.

I grew up in Michigan, lived in Massachusetts for three years while having a lot of fun at Boston Productions Inc., and am now back in Michigan near the capitol city working at my own company; Transcending Digital. Like my father and mother, I tend to be the type of person who works until eight or so at night each day. I then move onto my spare time projects until late at night. There is never enough time in the day to tackle all the cool things going on in the world.

I have been really lucky to meet many people through the years across the U.S. via work, and throughout the world from this site. I really love programming, information technology, science, engineering, and learning about new things. It is unbelievably rewarding to work in a profession where people throughout the world are helping eachother via means of open source software, how to articles, innovative cross-continental services, and sharing of knowledge.

Current spare time projects I am dedicating time to:
1. Accounting and Taxes in the US.
2. Industrial Design
3. C Based Microcontroller Programming

Broad research topics I am interested in learning more about but will probably never have time:
1. Genetic Sequencing
2. Robotics
3. Better analog systems knowledge