• Javascript (Mobile, Desktop, react/redux, Node.js/express, jquery, HTML5, CSS)
  • Unity3D (C#)
  • Action Script (Flash, Flex, Air)
  • C#.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, Kinect for Windows
  • Java (Multi-threading, Sockets, deployed across os's OSX vs Linux vs Winxp/vista/7,etc)
  • SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL (Stored Procedures), MSSQL
  • Drupal 6,7,8 (Module & Theme Dev), Omeka
  • Red5, Flash Media Server
  • Amazon Cloud Services, Azure Cloud, Rackspace Cloud Services
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Win/OSX/Linux/iOS/Android
  • VirtualBox/VMWare


  • 2D CAD w/ Acrylic, 3D CAD w/Alibre & Plastics
  • Have made RS232 Devices, Have made USB Devices
  • Commercial Touchscreens (SAW, IR, DST)
  • AMX Control Systems
  • Custom Circuit Board Fabrication (SMD,DIP)

Hands On

  • Extensive project and staff management experience
  • Have pulled/soldered/crimped cable (Cat5/6/two conductor/RCA/BNC/XLR/eight/fourth)
  • Have driven large trucks across country with hundreds of thousands in inventory unsupervised
  • Can work at remote sites directly with clients unsupervised
  • Enjoy working directly with clients


Transcending Digital LLC, Lansing, Michigan

Senior Interactive Developer September 2011 - Present
  • Custom solutions in Javascript/HTML5 supporting mobile and desktop
  • Media server programming featuring live television and large platforms
  • Original Kinect for Windows experiences
  • Traditional museum and special venue kiosk programming in Flash/AIR/Director/HTML5/Unity3D
  • Custom electronics fabrication
  • Drupal Module and Theme Development

Boston Productions Inc, Norwood, Massachusetts

Interactive Developer June 2008 - August 2011
  • Create interactive touchscreen applications using Adobe Flash, Flex, and AIR under tight user requirements and strict deadlines
  • Develop support applications that enhance touchscreen user interfaces by adding email, socket capabilities, video recording, audio recording, and database interaction for uses such as web interactivity and multi-player games
  • Integrate a variety of cutting edge technologies into user oriented applications such as projection globes, RFID, motion sensing, and motor control
  • Provide guidance concerning interactive application integration with traditional IT infrastructure such as mission critical sales and ticketing systems
  • Travel to remote sites and independently manage client interactions, support staff training, and exhibit maintenance

SPL Integrated Solutions, Dow Center, Midland, Michigan Team Web Developer August 2007 - February 2008
  • Lead developer of the site profile tool. A custom tool set written in Perl that is embedded in the Interwoven Teamsite content management system and used for scanning all sites to look for malformed html, ensure SEO, and other Dow web mandates
  • In charge of handling site integrations from outside contract agencies into the CMS environment under strict privacy restrictions and deadlines
  • Help troubleshoot and come up with enhancements to the development, staging, and production environments
  • In charge of Web Trends integration into the entire Dow website framework

Central Michigan University Health Professions, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Student Programmer January 2007 - May 2007
  • Research and integrate open source software solutions into a researchers portal including Pentaho, Dotproject, JOOConverter, Dimdim, Tomcat, Ant, Eclipse, Sakai, Apache, MySQL, U-Portal, and Open Office
  • Facilitate communication between the CMU-HPB and CMU-RC concerning resource sharing and applicable applications

Central Michigan University Research Corporation, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (

Business Intelligence Programmer January 2007 - May 2007
  • Design and build custom software solutions for clients such as General Motors
  • Create web spiders to harness BI data from government websites such as the NOAA using Perl
  • Create small applications to prepare data for analysis with popular BI systems such as SAP
  • Complete programming tasks within a tight schedule

Herman Miller Incorporated, Zeeland, Michigan

Deskside Services Intern, Zeeland Corporate HQ, May 2006 - September 2006
  • Research and develop processes and applications critical to HMI IT.
  • Assist with open directory migration at remote sites
  • Hot swap units at remote sites
  • Setup, repair, and configure business partner machines for production use
  • Develop applications using Visual Web Developer and ASP.Net 2.0 to perform data mining in an Oracle database utilizing inventory and trouble ticket data for the purpose of determining root causes and enhancing current processes


  • Hershey's Create Your Own Candy Bar Hershey's Create Your Own Candy Bar
    Hershey's Create Your Own Candy Bar

    Hershey's Create Your Own Candy Bar allows visitors to create their very own Hershey's chocolate bar. Several touchscreen applications and databases collaborate with a custom assembly line to allow thousands of visitors per day to walk away with their own chocolate masterpiece and custom designed wrapper.

  • Connecticut Science Center River Over Time HTML5 Interactive Website & Trade Show Kiosks
    Connecticut Science Center River Over Time

    A high availability interactive quiz was paired with a giveaway of epic proportions timed perfectly to footsteps on the trade show floor. These elements mixed together across mobile, website, and kiosk to solidify a successful marketing campaign and trade show presence.

  • Kinect Green Screen & HTML5 Email Kiosks Kinect Green Screen & HTML5 Email Kiosks
    Kinect Green Screen & HTML5 Email Kiosks

    Kinect Green Screen Photo Experience and HTML5 iPad e-mail kiosks featured at Maker Faire Detroit 2013. This experience allowed guests to take a photo in several fun green screen scenarios and e-mail them home on demand. Techniques for this exhibit were featured on the Microsoft Coding 4 Fun Blog.

  • Azy the Orangutan Indiana Zoo Orangutan Donor Kiosks
    Orangutan Donor Kiosks at the Indianapolis Zoo

    The interactive kiosks at the Indiana Zoo International Orangutan Center allow visitors an opportunity to elicit positive change for Orangutans around the world. These kiosks allow guests to design a postcard to e-mail or post to Facebook, view live weather in Borneo, or learn about heroes saving orangutans around the world. The most important feature of these kiosks is that they allow visitors to donate money using a debit or credit card for planting trees directly in Borneo. Guests donations are featured prominently on a large display that tally's the number of trees planted and featured donor names.

  • Sample Image For Advertising Advertising
    Sample Image For Advertising

    Media agencies have enjoyed the plethora of experience rooted in solid exhibits for creating solid advertising on high demand websites. Advertisements have been featured on major websites such as Martha Stewart, Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and Cartoon Network.

  • Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering

    Clients have enjoyed experience not only in programming but also electrical engineering. Projects are in use daily that include 120V AC systems as well as custom 5V designs incorporating USB and RS232 serial interfaces.